#65: Community farm investment, Naked oat mylk and Palestinian fair trade

#65: Community farm investment, Naked oat mylk and Palestinian fair trade 150 150 Farmerama Radio

Kindling Farm. Image from @kindlingtrust

This month we start with a fond farewell to internationally renowned water specialist Professor Tony Allan, most noted for his pioneering work on the concept of virtual water. We’ll hear a conversation with him from 2017 about the OurField Project. We then hear from the Kindling Trust. They work on a range of projects that model a fairer, more responsible, ecologically restorative food system, and are opening up an opportunity to invest in their new farming endeavours in Manchester. Next, farmer John Turner introduces us to a new vision of dairy farming- a vegetarian dairy farm producing cow’s milk alongside innovative naked oat mylk. Tiger and Float are making this oat mylk, using the naked oats that John is growing. Finally we meet Mohammed Ruzzi, a fair trade farmer in Palestine, who talks to us about the role of regenerative farming and the Zaytoun cooperative in supporting a better life for Palestinian farmers.

This episode of Farmerama was made by Abby Rose, Jo Barratt, Olivia Oldham and Suzie McCarthy.

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