#66: Ecosystem Agriculture, The Probiotic Turn and Regenerative Flower Growing

#66: Ecosystem Agriculture, The Probiotic Turn and Regenerative Flower Growing 397 397 Farmerama Radio
Liv Wilson of Wetherly / SSAW Collective.
Image Source: Instagram (@_wetherly_)

This month we begin by hearing from the ever-inspiring Mimi Casteel – farmer, ecologist, and wine maker. Mimi shares her thoughts on embracing redundancy, and the importance of nurturing whole ecosystem architecture in regenerative agriculture systems. Mimi manages Hope Well, a beautiful regenerative vineyard in Oregon.

Next, we chat to Professor Jamie Lorimer, an environmental geographer at the University of Oxford. Jamie has recently published a book called ‘The Probiotic Planet’, which is all about using life to manage life, rewilding inside and beyond the human body. Jamie is joined by Dr George Cusworth, whose work is focused on farmers’ thinking in the UK relating to incorporating beans and pulses in their rotations.

We then hear from Liv Wilson of the SSAW Collective – a community of chefs, florists & growers committed to an ethical way of working with seasonal produce, and advocating for positive ecological change in our food, flower & farming systems. Liv runs Wetherly, a British flower studio, and we learn from her experience in transitioning to more regenerative flower farming.

This episode of Farmerama was made by Abby Rose, Suzie McCarthy, Olivia Oldham, and Jo Barratt. And a big thanks to the rest of the Farmerama team – Katie Revell, Fran Bailey, Annie Landless, Eliza Jenkins and Dora Taylor.

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