#79: ORFC – beneficial beetles, land ownership and soya supply chains

#79: ORFC – beneficial beetles, land ownership and soya supply chains 958 958 Farmerama Radio

This month, we hear three stories from this year’s ORFC, celebrating the first in-person conference in three years!

First up, we meet Dr Kelly Jowett, who introduced us to her beetle (called Megan), who she brought along to ORFC to help her with her talk. Kelly shares about the beauty of beetles, their importance on farms and how to encourage the landscape to be more beetle-friendly.

Next, we hear from Ollie Zhang, who shares about an alternative land ownership project called Fairhold that they have been working on at Open Systems Lab (OSL). Fairhold is an open source project that aims to create template lease agreements on terms that are fairer and more affordable to those requiring access to land or property.

Finally, we share an interview from our collaboration with Wicked Leeks to produce a series of short features about animal feed. We hear from Jerry Alford from the Innovative Farmers research network in conversation with Wicked Leeks editor Nina Pullman, sharing about the main issues with global soy production. If you want to learn more about animal feed, you can head to the Wicked Leeks website to watch a short documentary they have produced, and read an article they have written.

This episode of Farmerama was made by Jo Barratt, Abby Rose, Katie Revell and Olivia Oldham and Dora Taylor. Additional recordings by Nina Pullman, editor at Wicked Leeks.

A big thanks to the rest of the farmerama team Annie Landless, Eliza Jenkins and Fran Bailey. Our theme music is by Owen Barratt.