#63: Indian farmers’ protests, the Forever Flock and Biopriming

#63: Indian farmers’ protests, the Forever Flock and Biopriming 528 592 Farmerama Radio


This month, we start with speaking to  Dr Vandana Shiva. Vandana is an Indian scholar who set up the Navdanya Farm that works with hundreds of thousands of farmers in India. We hear her on-the-ground account of why Indian farmers are protesting, and her thoughts on the global relevance of this small farmer movement.

Next, we hear from Rebecca Hosking, a regenerative farmer and film-maker who has had a great impact on many people in the farming world through her film, “A Farm for the Future”. Rebecca shares with us her story of why she now cares for a flock of sheep, the Forever Flock, and sells their wool to a local crafts business, Felted Sheepskins run by Rosie Anderson.

Finally, we head to Montana where Nicole Masters tells us about biopriming, and why it can be an important part of a more regenerative approach to farming.  Nicole is an agroecologist, systems thinker and educator, originally from New Zealand. She’s the director of agroecological consultancy, Integrity Soils and recently published a brilliant book, ‘For the Love of Soil’.

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