Field Report Urban Food Fortnight


We teamed up with Urban Food Fortnight to do a Farmerama Field report special. Listen in here to hear about some of the amazing growing, making, cooking and saving projects and events happening in London this week and next…and best of all pick up some great tips, thoughts and ideas from GrowUp Urban Farms The Dusty Knuckle Bakery Plan Zheroes Oliver Rowe

2 thoughts on “Field Report Urban Food Fortnight”

  1. Hello Farmerama,
    I found out about you through Abby being interviewed by Fiona and Belinda at Groundswell and at a place where they grow things in skips. I am Fiona’s old friend from film school and editor. We are making a documentary with and about John, Paul and Joanna Cherry about No Till.
    I love love your podcast and I am learning so much. Through you I have watched The Moo Man and have the discovered the books of Courtney White. I will carry on listening again and again because the contributors often speak fast and use unfamiliar (for the moment) vocabulary.
    I really look forward to meeting you soon.
    Please ask whatever you want. All the best, Catherine x

  2. Catherine – so great to hear from you and we are so glad you are enjoying it and learning lots! Thank you for your feedback and please do keep letting us know what works and doesn’t work! We are also excited to hear more about how the no-till film is coming along…that is such an exciting project, and the Cherry’s are great people!xx

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