Good Bread: Part 3: A Common Language

Good Bread: Part 3: A Common Language 150 150 Farmerama Radio

Good Bread episode 3, A Common Language, is out on Farmerama Radio and Lecker

This series by Lucy Dearlove is in response to the Body Lab, a participatory arts and research project by baker Kimberly Bell of Small Food Bakery and artist Ruth Levene which explores the industrial processes of grain testing.

Over three episodes, Lucy explores what the body lab is, what the work around it has entailed so far, and what the outcomes might be.

In the third and final part of this series, Lucy talks to Ruth and Kim about the need for a new and common language to talk about the characteristics of grain, in order to build agency into small-scale artisanal movement.

They recount a wheat tasting session that was held as part of the Body Lab, and discuss the importance of putting trust back into our bodies, our palates and our senses to determine what makes good wheat, and how this approach compares to the numerical metrics of the industrial food system.

Lucy also speaks to Fred about his desire to explore a more empowered use of industrial grain-testing machines. 

The Body Lab is funded by Farming the Future.

This episode was made by Lucy Dearlove. Thanks to the rest of the Farmerama team, Jo Barratt, Abby Rose, Dora Taylor, Olivia Oldham, Katie Revell, Annie Landless, Eliza Jenkins and Lucy Fisher. The series music is by Owen Barratt, and the artwork was by Hannah Grace @hannahgraceoc_.