#59: Upland restoration, agroforestry in Kenya and the language of regeneration

#59: Upland restoration, agroforestry in Kenya and the language of regeneration 150 150 Farmerama Radio
Sarah Kihara at the Treedom tree nursery, Kenya

This month, we start by hearing from a holistic grazing and regenerative agriculture expert – Caroline Grindrod. Caroline explores an innovative model for upland ecological restoration, which takes inspiration from both rewilding and regenerative agriculture techniques, and is all about working with farmers and land owners in the shift to more sustainable farming.

Next, we head to Kenya to hear from Nehemiah Mihindo, the CEO of Africa IPM Alliance, an organisation that promotes sustainable agriculture methods. Nehemiah tells us about agroforestry projects he’s been working with in Kenya and Tanzania, alongside Treedom, our supporter for this month’s episode.

We then hear from Rishi Kumar in Los Angeles. Rishi is a gardener and regenerative grower, and he shares with us his proposal for alternative language for the regenerative movement, and why he feels that many words used in the movement are instead serving a degenerative economy and culture. You can read these posts in more detail on Rishi’s Instagram.

This month’s episode is supported by Treedom – a platform that makes it easy to support a farmer in Africa or South America to plant a tree. When you buy a tree with Treedom you’re financing farmers to plant trees as part of small agroforestry systems, and providing the local know-how and support to ensure those trees have the best start in life and truly benefit the farmers, their communities and the soil. Once you buy a tree you can also follow its journey online. Since they started in 2010, Treedom have planted over a million trees. Let’s green the planet.

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