Beyond our own platforms, we feel a sense of responsibility to ensure regenerative farming is represented within wider conversations around food, health, and the environment.

Here are some articles we’ve contributed to and organisations we’ve collaborated with to help grow the movement and work towards a more positive farming future for us all.

Suddenly, in this moment of collective grief, it has become crystal clear that food is actually one of the most valuable things in our lives” – Nearness Project

In The best food podcasts to keep you entertained during the lockdown, The Telegraph writes that “Farmerama delves into the farming stories that are often overlooked, and seeks to highlight what small-scale producers across the land are doing, with a particular emphasis on sustainability.”  

Code Hospitality named Abby as one of 2020’s most influential women in hospitality

Eco-Age features Abby and Farmerama in Here’s How Farming Affects Us All, From a Regenerative Farming Expert

“Farmers are the decision makers of our planet”Positive News speaks to Abby in Spotlight on soil: farming returns to its roots

Read more on soil health from our co-founder Abby Rose on The Sustainable Food Trust and Medium.

We are incredibly proud that CEREAL, our six-part series uncovering the polarised world of cereals, from seed to loaf, won both the Food Podcast award and the Investigative Food Work award from The Guild of Food Writers 2020.

The judges call the series “engrossing, absorbing and enlightening”, and that the series takes us on a compelling journey where we are given staggering amounts of knowledge about bread and grain. Never overwhelmed, we remain hungry to hear more from the caring small-scale growers, producers, scientists and food system experts that we meet on the way”.