‘Cereal’ Bonus Episodes!

‘Cereal’ Bonus Episodes! 150 150 Farmerama Radio

Credit – Andrew Whitley and Scotland the Bread

This month, we’ve released four bonus episodes from Cereal, our critical six-part series uncovering the polarised world of cereals, from seed to loaf. In late 2019, Farmerama’s Katie Revell travelled the country to find out how the needs of industrial production have come to dictate the way that seeds are bred, grain is grown, flour is milled, and bread is baked and eaten. Listen to the series here. All four bonus episodes are extended interviews with people featured in episode 4 of Cereal: ‘The Miller is Missing’. Hear from Mungoswells Malt and Milling; Fintan Keenan; Scotland the Bread and Felin Ganol Watermill. Listen to the bonus episodes below.

‘Cereal’ Bonus Episode: Mungoswells Malt and Milling – This episode features Angus McDowall and Alison Campbell of Mungoswells Malt and Milling in East Lothian, Scotland. Angus explains how he – accidentally! – came to be milling the grain he grows on his 550-acre farm, and Alison gives us a tour of their very unusual Swiss Army flour mill.

‘Cereal’ Bonus Episode: Fintan KeenanFintan Keenan, a regenerative grain farmer, miller and mill designer living in Denmark tells us about his innovative hybrid stone/roller mill – which allows millers to produce a huge range of flours while retaining the whole grain – and shares his vision of what it will take to rebuild local grain economies around the world.

‘Cereal’ Bonus Episode: Scotland The Bread – Connie Hunter, Miller-Manager at Scotland the Bread, based at the Bowhouse in Fife, Scotland, explains the many benefits of using fresh flour, and tells us a bit about the work Scotland the Bread does with schoolchildren and community groups.

‘Cereal’ Bonus Episode: Felin Ganol Watermill – Anne Parry, miller at Felin Ganol Watermill in Ceredigion, Wales shares how she and her husband Andy restored and revived their historic watermill, and explains how the Welsh Grain Forum is working to rebuild local grain economies.