Farmerama are looking for audio producers!

Farmerama are looking for audio producers! 150 150 Farmerama Radio

We are looking for audio producers to work with Farmerama on a new series about food producers who have been affected by the pandemic.

We have decided to work with 5 different producers because we want to build a team that reflects the breadth of talent in audio, as well as providing opportunities for as many people as possible.

If you would like to apply, please complete this form.

We will review every application and listen to every example of work supplied, and make our decisions based on this. 

The role

  • As Lead Producer, you’ll be the creative lead on the episode. 
  • You will do 1–2 interviews, put the episode together, make amends according to production schedule and contribute to structure, script and sound design.
  • You will be supported by an experienced team of audio producers and experts in regenerative farming, as well as community collaborators who will all work with you on planning, sourcing stories, structure and script writing. 
  • The series has a project manager to help make sure everything runs smoothly.  
  • The series will have a single presenter, so you will not be voicing the episode.
  • There will be a palette of original music elements that you will have access to. 
  • We’re open to working with people in different ways according to interest and experience. For example, you may not be able to travel to do interviews. We’ll support you in the ways that you need to make your best work.
  • We’ll work with each producer to agree what is possible within 5 days before we begin and you will not be expected to work more than this.

What we offer

  • £1,000 (based on 5 days work @ £200/d)
  • Travel or other expenses will be covered.

How to apply

  • For the application we are inviting people to submit a short paragraph explaining why they would like to work with us, and a link to something you have worked on. 
  • The form should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. We respect your time. Look at this as the start of a conversation. If we have more questions, we’ll come back to you.
  • Applications close 19th June.

What if I have more questions?

  • Please ask us directly by emailing, with ‘Audio Producer Role’ in the subject line
  • If relevant, and with approval, I’ll add any questions and answers to the FAQ at the end of this blog post, as they may help others. 

About ‘Who Feeds Us’ 

This series will showcase the stories of food producers who have been affected by the pandemic: their struggles and successes, their resilience and hard work, and their incredible capacity for innovation. It will unearth on-the-ground accounts of those who have stepped up to feed their communities in new ways – by re-focusing their production, establishing micro-production set-ups, developing local food databases, and helping people to grow their own – with a focus on including underrepresented and diverse voices and experiences.

About Farmerama

Farmerama Radio shares the voices behind regenerative farming. We are committed to positive ecological futures for the earth and its people, and we believe that farmers of the world will determine this. Each month, the show features farmers and growers rebuilding our food and eco-systems from the ground up. Our standalone series Cereal, has been nominated for the Broadcast and and Investigative categories in the 2020 Guild of Food Writers awards.