Abby Rose Co-producer & Co-host of Farmerama

Everything Abby does is to support the small-to medium-scale farming community, as she thinks they will be the heroes of a resilient future (read more here). Abby develops simple digital technologies with farmers. She also helps to run her family’s small farm, vidacycle, where they make natural wine and verjuice. She is committed to bridging boundaries and is keen to learn from both organic enthusiasts and conventional farmers who are taking the first steps towards a more agro-ecological approach to farming. She also helped create the OurField project – a new dawn of living the stories of our food.

Jo Barratt Co-producer & Co-host of Farmerama

Jo is co-producer and co-host of Farmerama. He is the podcaster extraordinaire in the team. Jo is a radio producer who has a variety of other professional interests including working with Open Data and multi-sensory design. In all his work he is interested in finding ways of helping people pay more attention, understand and connect to the world around them.


Katie Revell Co-producer & Co-host of Farmerama
Katie is a documentary filmmaker, translator and budding audio storyteller. She sees food – and therefore farming – as the crux of the way humans relate to “the environment” and to each other. She’s especially interested in the language we use to talk about farming, and in exploring and reframing terms such as “developed,” “primitive” and “peasant.”


Nigel Akehurst  previously a Co-host of Farmerama.

Nigel is a third-generation farmer, photojournalist and editor. He is passionate about showcasing stories of sustainable farming and food culture to a mainstream audience. In 2013 he founded Indie Farmer, an online magazine devoted to celebrating the new breed of “indie farmers” – small-scale producers, growers, livestock keepers and rural entrepreneurs – who are redefining tradition and exploring new ways to farm and produce real food. He also works with his parents on their small family farm in East Sussex, where they produce grass-fed beef from a suckler herd of Sussex cattle and lamb from a breeding flock of Mules and Suffolk cross ewes.